Flatbed & Heavy Towing

Trust Gombach Towing with Your Vehicle

Stuck in the mud? Got into an accident on the road? Need to move your non-working vehicle from point A to point B? No matter the situation you find yourself in, Gombach Towing has the truck to help.

Standard towing lifts the front or back wheels of your vehicle, allowing the other set to roll during the tow. Flatbed towing allows for the entirety of the vehicle to be lifted off of the road and placed on the back of a flatbed truck.

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Classic Car

Heavy Duty Equipment

Flatbed Towing services for the cities of Claridge, Jeannette, and surrounding areas in Westmoreland County, PA.

Call us at 724-744-4430

Heavy Towing

Ready to take on the big challenges of moving everything from tractor trailers to dump trucks, oversized loads to construction equipment.

  • Lifting Equipment
  • Load Shifts
  • Fully insured for heavy duty jobs.

  • Semis, Buses, Recreational and Emergency Vehicles.
  • Heavy Equipment and Construction Equipment of all Kinds.

We can handle almost any crippled vehicle or piece of equipment. Call us for the most challenging tows and recoveries, knowing that Gombach’s professional and efficient staff is here to solve your problem, manage risk, and give you the confidence that your disabled vehicle is in the best of hands. Call Gombach Towing today at 724-744-4430.

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